Indian society is based on norms which differentiate gender inequalities from decades. Equal rights for woman’s (Woman Empowerment) and their deserved place almost has a disappearance in the 18th and 19th century. Women were as good as puppets through centuries where they were considered just a piece of not much useful thing. Female existence had to struggle through years of time span to change the laws in the male-centric society.

The domination from male to female passed through a journey. Wherein the race of woman proved their potential abilities to get an equal right.

Woman Empowerment - Achievement of Equality
Woman Empowerment – Achievement of Equality

Time starter to change from the 20th century. When a woman has implied their equal rights and stand shoulder to shoulder with men in every aspect of life.

There were times when the practice of sati, jauhar, gender inequalities, female infanticides, no rights on inheritance. Were given utmost importance due to which, women too had fallen into the pro with having no option to grow.

With generation and thoughtful practices to give a better place for women in accordance with a male, society discarded certain norms and built up legislative securities to give woman their respectful life.

Discrimination on woman previously has changed to exploitation and harassment. Therefore, woman empowerment has taken great measures to provide a secure, purposeful, fruitful life for females. The inequalities though exist have never made a woman lose the fight to reach the desired place. Domestic violence 2005 and Marriage registration 2006 law has been made compulsory to protect a woman from harassment, abuse, disrespect, inappropriate behavior. These acts protect them from in-laws and have given a right to prove their legal rights.

Empowerment has been able to make a woman strong and takes their own decisions. Ability to be independent, ability to earn and lead a respectful life.

Concluding empowerment has been able to give immense support in political, financial, social life of a woman, who is able to make a difference in the society.

Woman Empowerment – Achievement of Equality