Monday, July 23, 2018
Smart Eating Hacks for Diabetics

Smart Eating Hacks and Smart Lifestyle for Diabetics

Are you a diabetic? has your doctor told you to go on a strict diet? Have well-meaning family member and friends told you horror...
International Yoga Day

International Yoga Day

Origin of Yoga Day The Prime Minister of India Mr. Narendra Modi during his speech at the UNGA on 27th September 2014 first proposed the...
Diet for Diabetes

Best Power Foods for Beating Diabetes

Power Foods Eaten in Diabetes (Diabetic Diet Plan) Diabetes is a disease where the body is unable to control the amount of glucose (sugar) in...
Weight Loss

6 Ways to avoid gaining weight (Weight Loss) you’ve lost recently

Fitness coaches are often told ‘I lost a lot of weight in the past when I use to workout and diet but now, I...
High Blood Pressure

Easy steps to reduce High Blood Pressure

Lifestyle plays an important role in treating high blood pressure.  Below are some of the steps to control high blood pressure. High blood pressure is...
Fibre Rich Diet

How to Get Blackheads Free Clear and Glowing Skin at Home

Every woman dreams to a have glowing and clear skin without Blackheads. Looking beautiful is one of the main elements to one’s beauty. Clear...
Beneficial Tips During Pregnancy for Normal Delivery

Beneficial Tips During Pregnancy for Normal Delivery

Pregnancy is good news, but it is a time to meet challenges. The mother needs a lot of care when delivery is done through...
How to Become a Healthy Every Day

How to Become a Healthy Every Day

Do you want to become a healthy person every day (Healthy Every Day)? It's how you make some changes. There are some of the steps...

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