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Katherine Langford – Meet the Recent Aussie Gold Derby Honoree

Born 29 April 1996


Katherine Langford is an Australian actress. She received a nomination for the Golden Globe Award for Best Actress for Netflix television series 13 Reasons Why.

Katherine Langford – Early Life and First Recorded Performance

Katherine Langford in 2018
Katherine Langford in 2018

Katherine Langford was born in Melbourne, Victoria, on September 4th, 1838. She was the first of the three daughters of Josephine and James Langford, who were both well-known musicians in Australia. The eldest daughter, Elizabeth, was known for her singing.

Josephine and James were involved in a singing partnership that lasted from the age of sixteen to twenty. Their fame has carried on through the years to this day and remains on tour today.

Josephine was a very talented singer who sang in many places and was known as the “Queen of the Blues.” Katherine was eight when the family moved to Sydney, where she became a member of the Josephine family. Katherine’s first recorded performance was at a local pub.

Through the early years of her life, Katherine was the subject of many songs written by Josephine. This is an all but unheard of thing in the world of professional singing. Jokes about how well she looked and what time of the year it was. Josephine wrote several songs about her growing child.

Josephine made sure that Katherine grew up a self-confident young woman. She instilled a passion in her to learn all the skills needed to become a professional singer. Josephine has been described as the ‘Mother of Modern Music.’

Katherine’s talent and dedication to her craft and training caused her to become a noted opera singer. It was during this time that she trained under her mother and attended a series of lessons. As you can imagine, it was extremely difficult for a child with such vocal characteristics to learn from a series of lessons.

What Josephine did for Katherine was to put her on a strict schedule of vocal lessons. It was a part-time business to get the child to perform. It was Josephine’s vision and belief that her daughter would one day be a singer in the traditional sense.

The business was a success, and the mother was able to pay for the cost of the lessons. She took the entire burden of the company upon herself and continued to teach the child at home. It was never in doubt that she would never have to perform again. The rest is history.

Katherine Langford – Career Highlights

Katherine Langford is the daughter of New England preacher Jerry Langford and Carol Swain, a member of the Methodist Church. As a child, Katherine studied with her mother and her aunt, Charlotte Keene. At the age of 16, she married Tony King, a non-Protestant minister, and they had two daughters, Catherine and Jane.

Career: Before graduating from high school, she dropped out to work for a long time as a secretary for the state of Massachusetts. This was after she got divorced from Tony, whom she also dated. She continued to work in various jobs and did not get married until she was 26 years old. She worked in accounts, purchasing, and accounting before landing a career as a reporter for the Boston Phoenix. Following that, she wrote a series of novels; namely, It’s On Us, Painted (with Thomas Wylie), The Man From Lagos, It’s My Life, With You, Because He Loved Me, It’s My Life with an additional five more novels in the pipeline.

Katherine Langford and Nick Robinson
Katherine Langford and Nick Robinson

Career after leaving the newspaper: After leaving the paper, Katherine Langford continued writing novels and released some short stories and screenplays. As with any writer, she wanted to make her name known, so she decided to enter the biographical fiction field. She also writes articles, and several works have been published.

The career of her husband, actor Thomas Keene: Thomas Keene was born in Washington and also was married to actress Katherine Langford. He played a significant role in her career, making her name and fame in the industry. They were married for four years.

Years working on screenplays: It was during this time that Katherine Langford wrote It’s On Us, a film based on an original novel by Diane Lawson. It’s On Us was also adapted into a television series. It also led to a spinoff series, It’s My Life, With You, which was aired on the USA network. In addition, it was adapted into a novel and made into a movie.

Career after screenwriting: For her first novel, Katherine Langford began working on a screenplay in 2020. In 2020, she finished The Man From Lagos with writer Terrence Mann and executive producer Jane Hamsher, while collaborating with them on the script. She then wrote It’s My Life, With You, with writer Tom Morris, with production set to begin in 2020. She also wrote it with her former editor, Thomas Wylie.

Series: Katherine Langford has written several series. Two of them are It’s My Life, With You and Painted, while she also wrote It’s My Life with You, a film version of her It’s On Us novel. The second one-starred Charlotte Rampling and Angelina Jolie.

Career after series: She wrote The Fall of Giants and is currently writing the second book, About Face. Other works include Something Beautiful, Drowning (with Cary Fukunaga), and After the Falls (with Rich Ross). Her latest novel, It’s On Us, was released in January of 2020. Katherine Langford is a prolific writer who also makes movies and television shows.

Katherine Langford in 13 Reasons Why

Star of the television show Hannah Montana and the upcoming Netflix series 13 Reasons Why, Katherine Langford (and also as Pheobe in the film) provide influential dramatic voices for the characters in the original Netflix series. When she first became attached to the role of Hannah, she was cast as a teen girl who felt lost and isolated. In addition to having enough courage to navigate these awkward circumstances, Katherine finds solace in listening to music and watching music videos on her iPod.

The story follows Hannah as she struggles with her love life. She is in love with Simon, but his decision to work in a hostile environment makes him distant. He decides to move to Canada, taking his family with him. Things get even more complicated when Hannah’s father commits suicide, and her mother suddenly dies of cancer.

With these new traumatic experiences, Katherine must deal with her own issues with love. She comes to the realization that she needs to be with someone who understands her journey to love. She and Simon must face questions like how to choose a flat surface and how to express their feelings. They must also learn how to draw the line between love and responsibility. As they attempt to navigate their complicated relationship, the stakes are raised when they realize that they need to either end their friendship or put a stop to the murder spree in the town.

At the beginning of the series, we are introduced to Hannah as a confident young woman who loves music and has a great sense of humor. She runs her own music store and handles the day-to-day operations of the store on her own. After the death of her mother, Hannah begins to feel responsible for the decisions that her parents made as she had just become a teenager.

Even though this is where the series begins, her journey in love with Simon continues, as she not only uses music to fulfill her role in the family but becomes involved in a significant role in the community and helps put an end to the killings. We see her overcoming obstacles and accepting herself as the person she has always been, not the person she wants to be. Her work with Simon is indicative of the hard work that it takes to be a successful independent woman in today’s society.

During the fourth season of the show, Katherine attempts to take matters into her own hands and “fix” the town. This leads to her being offered a position at a private boarding school, where she meets another rebellious teenager. A tragedy strikes them both, and they begin to rebuild their lives and their connection.

Throughout the fifth season, we see Katherine struggle with the repercussions of her actions, such as her inability to protect herself and her responsibility to do something to make up for the loss of her mom. At the end of the fifth season, she finds a new balance, not only in her relationship with Simon but also in her life. Her final scene is a celebration for Hannah’s impending graduation from the private school. In one last throwback to her own role in the series, Hannah kisses her best friend before they say their goodbyes to each other.

In the sequel, 13 Reasons Why: The Answer, Hannah returns to Winslow High School after being out of school for two years. Unlike in the original, this time, Hannah is accepted by the school to start her freshman year at Winslow High.

Meet the Recent Aussie Gold Derby Honoree

Much like her most famous character, “Beverly Hills, 90210” actress Katherine Langford continues to create lasting entertainment through her association with the American Theater Wing (ATA) of the AMVETS organization. The American Theater Wing (ATA) is a part of the American Federation of Musicians.

Katherine Langford MTV Movie & TV Awards
Katherine Langford MTV Movie & TV Awards

At present, Katherine is working as an ace talent manager at the AMVETS audition bank, and she also provides employment at the AMVETS Center for Creative Arts (CCCA) in New York City. These two locations are sponsored by the AMVETS benefit charity. Both places are located in a bustling town called New York, but Katherine’s love for America remains undiminished.

Katherine’s love for America makes her excited to be present during the annual awards ceremony hosted by the AMVETS Benefit Company and hosted by legendary actor Clint Eastwood. To date, there is no other AMVETS benefit theater award shows that celebrate the sense of patriotism among Americans and its timeless spirit that embodies the dedication to education, training, and services that characterize this nation.

Along with Katherine Langford, other well-known Aussie stars at the AMVETS benefit include Patrick Warburton, Peter Capaldi, Fionnula Flanagan, Sarah Parish, Deborah Niven, and Kerry Joyce. Along with these well-known Australians, the AMVETS benefit charity currently recognizes over 150 Aussies with Gold Derby and People’s Choice Awards and nominations.

As one of the largest entertainment entities, Katherine is very much aware of the incredible achievements of many Aussies in the entertainment industry. For her, it is essential to promote the accomplishments of these people in order to expose more people to their hard work and dedication to their artistry.

Even though Katherine has enjoyed great success in the film industry as of late, it is essential to her that she continues to help others Aussiesget their start in Hollywood. This is why she has included some great resources such as the Noell Foundation’s free scholarship grant program as part of the AMVETS Benefit Theatre Award.

By registering with this free grant, you will be eligible to receive up to $5,000 toward your tuition fees for any reputable, accredited institution in the United States. A number of participating institutions, which were selected by Katherine Langford herself, include the School of Visual Arts, Studio 54, Art Institute of Los Angeles, MCCLA, and UC Irvine.

It is critical for Katherine to continue to focus on the benefits of bringing more Aussies into the entertainment industry. There are millions of Americans who are ready to learn about the Aussies in the entertainment industry, so it is imperative for Katherine to continue to help them gain exposure.

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