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Artificial Intelligence as Artificial Human : The form of Robot

Artificial Intelligence - Artificial Human
Artificial Intelligence - Artificial Human
As first machine intelligence Computers had created. Which could solve problems with the input and execute output as human brain works. Robotic study is been researched and executed in the form of a machine robot – Artificial Intelligence. Which can act, display, work, think like a real human being.
Scientists, today are developing lot of research to form a machine based robot. Who can think naturally. AI which is call ‘Artificial intelligence’ is most exciting field in robotics. It is though controversial. But, researchers are working for proving the term ‘intelligent’ in the robotic study. AI will be a recreation of human intelligence into a man made machine with an ability to think.
Artificial Intelligence - Artificial Human

Artificial Intelligence – Artificial Human

Basic idea behind developing an AI into robots is to solve problems though it’s own execution.

How does an Artificial Intelligence work.

  1. First the AI gathers facts about a situation through censors or human input.
  2. The computer compares the information to stored data and decides what information signifies.
  3. The computer runs through various possible actions and predicts. Which action is most successful based on the collected information which is then executed.

Some robots learn actions by storing them as information. And attempts them if same situation arises. Some learn by mimicking actions.

M.I.T’s Artificial Intelligence lab is having a robot ‘Kismet’ who can interact socially. It can recognize human body language and voice inflection with the help of which it can respond. Rodney Brock’s believes. That kismet or other AI robot models are accurate model of human Intelligence.
Human brain contains billions and billions of neurons. And thinking ability is establish by electrical connections between different neurons. Thus AI is the challenge to understand how natural Intelligence works.
Robots will play an important role in our daily lives in the coming future. The way computers have captured a mandatory place in human life. Robots too will be occupying a stable place into human life. Scientists are researching more inspite of warnings. On the disadvantages or consequences of dangers. That can destroy the world in near future. Below is the link you can visit which focus on six scariest things said by AI Robots