Is Valentine’s day only a assumption or considering in mind? That it is for a couple, lovers, husband wife. Or should we also assume the consideration taking this day as a celebration with anyone who are close to us. May it be best friends, pets, closed ones, or an unliving thing.

Valentine's Day - Enduring the Beauty of Love
Valentine’s Day – Enduring the Beauty of Love
We can have a valentine in the face of not only couples but also the people we admire the most.
But in today’s world, if I am not wrong it’s 21st century, right? And here we are thinking to celebrate this day only by giving a word love as a term. Love is nowadays celebrated only as a term and as an occasional way. Rest of the days are gone with imagination and acquisitions. People or rather couples have lost the beauty of cherishness.

Valentine’s Day – Enduring the Beauty of Love

In olden days marriages were cherish as a second life. Today marriages are cherish as an optional number. Couples have forgot to blossom each day. But, when Valentine’s is near. Everybody starts accumulating there lost energy activation to prove their love.

How world is transforming itself into a robot, can be imagine with an example of a Valentine’s special day. The idea behind the write up is are we into a living space or are we taking it as a word ‘ love ‘ overrated only on a special day. So guys why only Valentine’s day? Why not each day can be celebrate and endured? By not taking love as a term but as a feeling.

Feelings in love is natural way to keep mind and heart intact reminding that person’s worth in ones life. does it keep hammering throughout knowing that the same person can be a victim of hatred too. This happens often with couples that the person they have loved adored in a special way. Can be a person whom you cannot resist after time passes. Today’s technological world is full of plastic feelings fewer do we get to see true love.

We witness so many break ups which were once a happy couple. Did anyone of you broked up with ur mom, dad, sister or say your relatives. This is because you know they are here to stay forever in your life for granted. Only lovers find it difficult to keep going by remember the thought of insecurities. Secure feelings can b a bridge which can tie up together. But nowadays it’s not possible as we can talk I’ll for the person whom we loved once.
This is what love is moulding itself and getting complicated.