The film ‘Lipstick Under My Burkha’ is already in the limelight before its release. On the international level, the film has already flagged due to its bold and realistic story.
A producer had to struggle a lot to release the film in the country. After all struggle, the film will be released all over the country on July 21.
The promotion of this movie is very fast nowadays. The story of ‘Lipstick under my Burka’ rotates around the life of four women. These four women demand the freedom of their desires, dreams, and wishes.
The story of the film based on how these women wings to all their hidden want. As they stay in the small town of Bhopal.

‘Lipstick Under My Burkha’ had not received a certificate from censor board.

The film producer Prakash Jha and four lead actors reached to Delhi for promotion. The question asked to these artists that are there any one desire which they want to fulfill. The first actress Ratna Pathak Shah said, ‘My desire is that I should learn swimming.
Apart from swimming, I want to drive one day and I am sure I will do this.
Actress Konkona Sen Sharma, who inspired viewers from her strong performance. She said, “That I impose a lot of restrictions on myself. I want freedom from this thing.

In spite from this, my fantasy is that I want to change the way I look. I like long and straight hair but I always want to look in a special way.

The producer director Prakash Jha said my fantasy is that one day I will make one movie. Which when I present in front of the censor board. The censor board Rejects this by saying that we are not going to release it.
The director Alankruta got the international awards for her film. She said this is my fantasy that I have never been able to handle the house. Never worry that the house stuff is over. I have to pay my bills, if all this work is done automatic then it will be fun.
The film is getting tremendous support from the Bollywood industry on social media. There is a lot of enthusiasm for the audience to see the film after so many controversies and awards.