Fitness coaches are often told ‘I lost a lot of weight in the past when I use to workout and diet but now, I have gain all it back’. One of the major fights of people who lose weight, is to keep the lost weight off. Even after losing leading amount of body fat (Weight Loss), keeping it low becomes a fight for the most. If this is you, here’s your way out of this vicious circle.

Weight Loss
Weight Loss

Why do you gain the lost weight back? (Weight Loss)

This happens because most people look at weight loss and fitness as a short time fix. People have a mind-set that they’ll go to the gym for two to three months. And lose all the surplus body fat and reverse the health issues that have plagued them. Not only is this approach naïve, but to be honest, it is just silly. Your body is not an inorganic construct that once put together, will stay as it is without putting in an effort. i.e. nutritional plus regular physical activity to be in optimal physical condition.

The Remedy…

What exactly needed here is habit formation. Take a one step at one time -pick a simple thing and do it constantly. Do it until it become part of your routine. Go a step further then. Keep picking things that will make you fit and make them your habit. It might be a slower process but is sure is a permanent one. it is important to be consistent.

Don’t go back to your old habits

The mistakes most people make is going back to their old habits. Once they feel that they achieved some weight loss. They inflate up again and start looking for new motivation to get fit. Yet, again this non-habit or non-satisfaction formation fitness plans are self-inflicted. Torture that people bring on themselves and ultimately fail.

Lift Weight

Lifting weights is one of the best treat that you can give it to your body. It helps you to build muscles, lose fat and keep you away from all sorts of medical issues. Plus, it makes you look good what else can you ask for! So yourself a gym membership and start working out. Don’t be under the impression that weight won’t help.

Be Active

Apart from working out on regular basis, try and be active throughout the day. Sit as an alternative of lying down, stand as a substitute of sitting and take five minutes break every hour and take a walk. Being active helps you burn calories than being sedentary. Which in turn will help you stay learner without cutting down on calories too much.

Choose workout you Love

Okay we get that weight training is not everyone’s cup of tea. So, you can mix it up with activities you love doing, be it dancing, going on hike, cross fit etc… You can weight train for three days and do the activities that you enjoy rest of the week.

Eats more protein

Keeping your protein levels up along with weight training help you build muscle that ups the BMR. Which will help you stay learner while eating more food than you would. If you’re not muscular, so incorporate more protein into your diet.

Treat yourself

An occasional or slip up won’t make u fat. Just like one single day at the gym or one healthy meal won’t make u fit. So go ahead and treat yourself. Once in while without feeling guilty about it and enjoy the food that you like to eat moderately