In the world, there are certain works of architecture and art that are popular. But if you study the history of the same, you will find many of them contain some mysteries.

Here are the lists of some of the most interesting ones.

At the feet of the Statue of Liberty a broken chain

Statue Of Liberty - New York City
Statue Of Liberty – New York City
The Statue of Liberty has given to the USA by France the people. It has given in the honor of 100th Anniversary of the American Revolution. It represents democracy, freedom and abolishes of slavery. This is the reason that a broken chain lies at the feet of the statue. This is something often unseen by the tourists who go to see it.

Eiffel Tower – the top floor Apartment

Eiffel Tower Monument - Paris
Eiffel Tower Monument – Paris
The France’s most famous monument was designed by the Gustave Eiffel. On top most floors he built and fixed out an apartment for himself. He used it for receive guests and rest. It contains two bedrooms, kitchen, bathroom, living room and shows off stunning views.

The Isleworth Mona Lisa

Leonardo DaVinci - Mona Lisa
Leonardo DaVinci – Mona Lisa
Many artists make a replica of the famous Mona Lisa. It has believed that one other portrait painted by da Vinci, which is not a copy. The second version has painted from the slightly different perspective. It is possible that it has made by the different artist. Yet it is an earlier version of the Da Vinci’s masterpiece.

Mount Rushmore – The Time Capsule

Mount Rushmore Monument
Mount Rushmore Monument
This is the famous monuments. An architect Gutzon Borglum wanted to create a Hall of Chronicles inside Cliff’s face. A secret room, where new generation would find the fundamentals records and information about USA’s history. Behind the head of the Abraham Lincoln, he digs out a cave for this purpose. After that, he died and his plan has uncompleted. In 1998, after his death, the copies of important documents and memories of presidents had located inside the incomplete hall. This is now called as Time Capsule.

Original appearance of the Sphinx’s

Great Sphinx of Giza - Ancient Pyramids - Egypt
Great Sphinx of Giza – Ancient Pyramids – Egypt