GIGA Selfie – Selfies have one thing in common: FACES, FACES, FACES. Which makes it hella challenging for travellers wanting and ~needing~ mementos of every second of their trip.

Well, this app called “GIGA Selfie” lets you take your token tourist snap easily. The free service starts with you standing on a App platform. From there, you can trigger the fixed camera using the app. Your photo is then sent to you via email, where you can zoom in or out to your liking.

Idea behind GIGA Selfie Campaign

To promote jaunt Australia, tourism Australia created the Selfie App, the simplest way for tourists to capture themselves and their surroundings in one big image. With cameras placed at many noted traveler destinations in Australia, this app provided tourists with a one-of-a-kind selfie whereas promoting the gorgeous landscape of the destination.

Strategic planning and results about GIGA Selfie

Tourists love taking and sharing selfies. however typically times, selfies do not showcase the gorgeous surroundings of travel destinations like Australia. To capture each a traveller and their destination in one photograph, business enterprise Australia created the Selfie App. to require a GIGA Selfie, travelers may visit one among many noted traveler destinations in Australia, wherever cameras would take a photograph from up to many feet away, capturing the tourist’s surroundings.

GIGA Selfie
GIGA Selfie

The strategy was to leverage the tourists’ power of sharing and to spotlight Australia’s tourism and travel resources to the general public through the selfies.

The target market was people trying to find out concerning or jaunt Australia, particularly from Japan.